2001 MAN Roland 706-3B PLV (1/5)


Series:                   737
Age:                        2001 
Impressions:      280 million (circa)
Format:                740 x 1040 mm 
Speed:                  15,000 s/h
Power Plate:       400v 50Hz 
Tresu Anilox Coater 
Extended AirGlide Delivery 
Perfecting 6/0-1/5 (not used)
RCI with Central Command Console 
Multi-CCI Colour Control 
Roland-Deltamatic Dampening 
Ceramic Dampening Rollers
Technotrans beta.d Recirculation  
Grapho Metronic Ink Temperature Control   
PPL-2 Power Plate Loader 
Brush Blanket Washers
Impression Cylinder Washers 
Grafix Hitronic S Powder Sprayer
Roland Seccomatic Drytronic IR/Hot Air Dryer
300 mm Plinth Fittings
Non-Stop Feeder and Delivery
Compressors Complete 
Standard Equipment


In Production/Test Possible?: / Location: UK

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Category: Offset Press

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